Andres Sautel y Celeste Medina

Andres Sautel, dancer, instructor and choreographer of tango. He has been dancing since forever and took part in tango shows, touring all over the world. Gentlemen, do not miss this opportunity to attend his Technique! Join him and Celeste in their workshops and tango labs for a full experience!

Celeste Medina, gracious, determined, with the right attitude and a fascinating dance! Celeste Medina is any tanguera’s role model! Fun to be around and a very thorough teacher, taking part in her Ladies’ Technique is a MUST! Discover together with her how beautiful your tango can be!

Csongor Kicsi y Antonella Terrazas

Csongor Kicsi breathes tango every moment of his life!
He has been a dancer from the age of 4 , when he began with ballroom sports dances. Soon after Argentine Tango entered his life in 2010; he fell in love with tango and decided to dedicate his life and dancing career to it.

Antonella – ladies, let’s admit, when Antonella is dancing, all we can think is: “Wow, I want to do that too!” Well, you can! Join Antonella’s Ladies’ Technique and learn to fly on the ronda!
Coming from a family of artists, her love for dance started when she was little, experiencing various types of dances. This only made her more capable to use different tools to make students understand their bodies and how to explore the depths of tango. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand.

Lucas Molina Gazcon Y Judit Somos

Lucas, son of a family of artists and dancers form Argentina, started to dance at the age of 12 with his sister Monica Molina Gazcon in Buenos Aires. He was trained by the most renowned masters and he won numerous competitions. He was invited to Europe, the U.S. and China, performed in some of the most famous tango movies, like the famous ‘The Tango Lesson’.

Judit, born in Budapest, was trained in a country where tango has just appeared, in a continent conquered by this dance but still far from its origins. Driven by her passion for the dance, she has been visiting Buenos Aires over and over again. While living there, she continuously worked to improve her dancing skills and as a bonus, she is fluent in both Tango and Spanish!

Milos Miloradovic & Jelena Minic

Milos Miloradovic & Jelena Minic are passionate and playful dancers! They are very appreciated and dedicated teachers and great performers! One of the most loved couples of Belgrade Tango Weekends are ready to share their knowledge and dance with you! Classes are always filled with useful information, detailed explanations and a bit of fun! His workshops and techniques cannot be missed!

Claudiu Grosaru and Mariana Bularga

Claudiu Grosaru and Mariana Bularga are going to help you explore yourself in your tango journey! Loved and experienced teachers, they manage to explain even the most complicated concepts in such a way that everyone understands! Their passion for tango has made them push themselves to test and find new theories about this dance! Discover with them the art of tango!

Lucian Stan

Lucian Stan in his own words, is a “tango dancer”. He likes dancing as a form of expressing himself, so he tries to motivate people to find and enjoy the tango dance and dance in general. He really believes that humans can make a difference in this world through dancing. Tango is altogether a couple dance, a cultural encounter and a personal philosophy.

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